Yes, it’s true. We got a blog for slowbiking contests now. It’s the slowbiking blog with real slowbiking info. What is slowbiking?
Slowbiking is a contest were we instead of speeding emphasize on slowing down and make quality time within the limits of a competition. We make 3 tracks of 11m in length and 60cm wide. Then we try to bike as slow as possible without touching the ground or without crossing the track line. But now the best: Musicians will improvise along your ride. Your drivin’ becomes music. The musician plays as long as you can stay on your bike and will try to play the way you bike.

This slow-sport and audiosport is a social event were it is not about one person winning a superprize but about mutually enjoying the playfulness of bikers and musicians in an effort to let it last as long as possible. Get the picture?

Slowbiking is a new sport not yet classified in any association nor recognized by any officials so it is still pure and organized by many different people wanting to have fun with the context they are in. It’s a very simple structured game, but it brings the best out for the bikers, musicians but definitly also for the audience. The audience can enjoy instant composing (improvised music) and bikers trying to stay as slow as possible on their bike.
In german i’m thinking of the phrase: “Wettbewerb zur Förderung der Langsamkeit” but in english i hardly get it translated into something like: ” the contest to enhance slowness ”