Slowbiking contest flyer version 4

kaspar König oct 2010

Invitation to come to the first New Orleans Slowbiking Contest.

Come and have fun with your bike and with your ears. There is a clash between people trying to stay on a bike and musicians trying to play the way the bicyclist drives. With Simon Berz, maybe James Singleton and for sure more local Musicians!

The rules are simple:
Try to keep the bike in between the lines and don’t step of. The 11m length and 60 cm width are the score. The musicians will play the way you bike. If you can stay the longest (maybe more than 10 min) you can win a BIKE (from plan B which I repaired myself). Also you can find the new T-shirts i’m about to make.

With slowbiking the ultimate crossover between music and sport is garantueed.
let;s have fun and enhance slowness into whatever! In 1618 OC Haley Blvd we start at 2 PM

Hope to see ya’ll there. Kaspar