Last Sunday and Monday we had again some fabulous Slowbiking days in our home capital: Amsterdam. We were invited at FietsVak 2013 in the biggest business area of Amsterdam: RAI. With snow outside and a good flow inside we had a great time. With cycling clothing from AGU, we looked all very sexy and slow 😉 We chalked three lanes of 11 meters with a wide of 60cm (which was a very small lane!) on the floor, put our awesome bikes at the start and music on the side, what’s better to do than Slowbiking! The bikes were again awesome, we had our familiar bikes from GIANT and three new fellows from BRIK, awesome retro bikes with a very innovative drive system.

Our musicians played various songs with our newest equipment: a small and very handy PA-SET, connect three microphones with it and let’s roll!! One of our musicians had some very special instruments with her and we even had a Indonesian Angklung. And there was our “Snelle Jelle” the guy who makes awesome sounds with a percussion, we met him at last Bikemotion, again: fun and great music! We had a lot op participants but some of them didn’t made it till the finish line, which you have to cross -it’s the only line you may cross ;)- to validate your time. The best time we had was 5.30 from Peter West, he balanced, slowed down the time and DID finish! A great contest! We had a very various audience and participants, there were a lot of children, which we helped to balance on the bicycles, there was a guy who had only one arm, but he could balance on one of our bikes! There were a group of pensioners who clean up the mess from Elephants in a circus. It was also very cosy and we had a lot of new potential partners who stopped by to have a chat with our producer: Paulien Willems, fingers crossed! Let’s hope for more projects and venues!

This Slowbiking event we had great prices, tubes from Schwalbe and we received from SKS bottles and bags to give away, so we had awesome Goodiebags which our participants received after they crossed the Slowbiking finish-line! The area was very funny, we were slow and relaxing but around us there were very fast electric- bicycles, scooters and motorbikes…. That made us even more slower than normal…. 🙂 That’s the way Slowbiking should be: Sounds, Simple and Slow!