Slowbiking @ Car-free Sunday Hasselt, Belgium

Slowbiking during the car-free sunday in Hasselt was awesome! slowbiking was 1 of the mobilityactivities in the totally citycentre of Hasselt, which was completly closed for cars. The Team of Slowbiking was fantastic: there was a very funny theatrical presenter: Bij Isabelle, a baritone saxophone: Stien Carlier and a couple of acoustic guitar players and a Cajun player!  The produced some great sounds to support the Slowbiking participants. Even the had announced a bad weather forecast, we didn’t receive rain! Thanks for that 😉 Due to the good weather we had a lot of visitors and participants, youngsters and elderly, everybody is welcome to participate in a little competition of Slow-Biking 😉 The best time goes to our Cajun player: Jeroen, he had the best slowest time of 1:42 minutes.

Special thanks to the municipality of Hasselt, for their great logistics and the popular prices, as the typical “Hasseltse Pompelmoenjenever” (a typical alcoholic beverage of Hasselt) We’ll see you again in 2014!