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So it started for me all in 2006 when i got in touch with the cafa students in Beijing. During my stay on the campus, a corner group talked me into participating in a small unserious joke called biking as slow as possible.

the students  were organizing it for the first time and it had a very improvised feeling. For more information of my first experience, have a look here:

The other thing is what did I do with it. First when I came back I wanted this too.
So I painted the lines on the street and practized. Then I rang friends to participate:

Basicly you can see the evolution of it. Already the first musicians join in and thats we’re we now lift of! The slowbiking with live music is a real party.

Slowing down time, intensifying the time and even densifying it. Were the music is played along the bicycles drive, the excitement is unavoidable. When quality time is going to stay slow, you can enjoy it longer…. So that is my aim of the slowbiking contest. We have a good time in any street in any town were there are some bicyclist and musicians. Let;s hope we can do this way more often then in Athens, Zürich, Berlin and Maastricht sofar…..