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Slowbiking Producer Paulien Willems being interviewed about Cycle, Cycle in Amsterdam (020)  and of course the Slowest way of Cycling … Slowbiking ….


Slowbiking during hot days has an advantage, natural slowness occurs.

Sounds can take ages before they leave your ears. At least at the Luzern slowbiking contest

just last weekend (31.8.2013) check out the video:


The Slowbiking Team has had also a nice summer break and it was “best enjoyed slowly”. Have you noticed that we have organized our first Slowbiking Children Sounds contest? Commissioned by Kids Fiets4Daagse we developed  a sound contest to inspire children for the Kids Fiets4Daagse which is organized by “Alles Kids in Drente Festival”. A part of the Slowbiking contest, children were able to make music with us, we had all kind of percussion instruments with us.  Talent or not, the sounds were hot! The children loved to make sounds and funny tunes to support their siblings and parents who were joining the Slowbiking contest.  The Slowbiking Children Sound contest is not a pilot any more because next year we will be present at all the “Kids Fiets4Daagse” days and in advance as a promotion campaign. Buro Willems is naturally busy with the Sales & Marketing to get publicity for the several events which can combined with these events. To be continued……

Two weeks ago a couple of Slowbiking crew were invited at the VIP area at the Eneco Tour. For a research if there is a collaboration possible between Eneco Tour and Slowbiking and also to get acquainted.  Eneco Tour is a Pro Cycling tour.

Speaking of World Tour Cycling.Tours, the Slowbiking crew is still enjoying the fabulous  Slowbiking contest at the Finish-line of the World Port Classic in Antwerp last Saturday. How awesome is that! The professionals were trying to finish as fast the 191 km tour from Rotterdam to Antwerp and meanwhile we were trying to slowdown time with Slowbiking. We had our own Slowbiking Tour Miss, a Saxophonist and a raging reporter who were there for the entertainment and fun for the participants and visitors. Youngsters and elderly people  tried to make the best “slowest” time and to collect one of the awesome prices from our sponsor: SportingA, some of the prices: Scarves, T-Shirts, Banners, Bags and stickers! This Slowbiking day we had a lady and a guy with the best slowest times: Karen from The Netherlands with 01:20 and “snelle” Jelle with an awesome time of 05:15. Check out the nice photos at:

Thanks guys! See you next time! When?

Next Slowbiking events:

15 September 2013 ALZLeiden

15 September 2013 Hoboken op Wieltjes

21&22 September 2013 Week van vervoering – Brussel

29 September 2013 Mobiliteitsmarkt – Bemmel

27 April 2014 Omloop Breda

01 June 2014 Openluchtmuseum Bokrijk

Come and try to slow your life!